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Nutrition in Pregnancy and Antenatal Care

Pregnancy can be a confusing time for many women, with lots of information about diet and nutrition easily accessible online. Despite the wealth of information available pregnant women can find it difficult to interpret and apply this advice to their personal circumstances.

Nutritional status can influence pregnancy outcomes. For instance, women who are overweight or obese before they conceive are at increased risk of complications during pregnancy and birth. The same is true of women who are underweight. Achieving optimum nutritional status is a complicated business. There are many different nutrients and substances that directly influence human metabolism. Making sure the body receives an adequate supply of good nutrition and maintaining this in the longer term are key priorities for women of childbearing age.

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Resources for Midwives

The provision of good nutritional care within maternity services has been emphasised in a number of UK clinical guidelines. Weight gain and obesity has become a prime concern due to its association with increased incidence of complications, including gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia.

Midwives are in a prime position to support expectant mothers who require nutritional advice and monitoring during this crucial period. ERNST Nutrition has developed unique resources that midwives can use to support pregnant women to adopt healthier lifestyles and eating patterns to help improve clinical outcomes.

Our pregnancy and breastfeeding resources include all of the latest research evidence regarding diet and nutrition during foetal development. All of the essential information is available in a single, easy-to-follow guide and includes our unique weight monitoring tool that clinicians can use during clinic visits.

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